5-Footprint Weekly Report: BTC breaks $60,000 again, hits new high after May 19

Oct, 2021, simon@footprint.network

Weekly Report Dates: October 10 - October 16, 2021(Detailed data can be found by clicking on the link)

This week's ranking

The fastest riser this week on protocols with TVL greater than 100M and launched for more than 30 days is Beefy Finance, belonging to the Avalanche , up 152.8% in 7 days and 422.82% in 30 days.

As for fastest protocols on the major chains of this week:

● Ethereum: Synapse with a current TVL of $ 0.11B, up 84.94% in 7 days.

● BSC : Planet Finance with a current TVL of $ 0.45B and up 85.14% in 7 days.

As for fastest protocols of the major sectors of this week:

● DEX: Serum with a current TVL of $ 1.48B and up 99.96 % in 7 days.

● Lending: Larix, with a current TVL of $ 0.24B and up 62% in 7 days.

● Yield: Beefy Finance, with a current TVL of $ 0.17B, up 152.8% in 7 days.

Overview of the week


The overall TVL for this week was 229.32B, up 6.39% from last week.

This week's TVL ranking is Ethereum ($153.42B), with a market share of 66.9%, followed by Binance ($20.51B) and Solana ($11B).

Among the blockchains with TVL above 1 billion, the fastest riser is Avalanche with the increase of 30.84%, followed by Solana with 11.96% rise and third Waves with 11.91% rise.

In terms of categories, the first category is Dexes with a TVL of 67.63B and up 6.79 % for the week.

Among the protocols, the highest TVL was Curve ($ 15.71B ), up 7.51% for the week, and second was MakerDAO ($ 15.71B), up 12.15% for the week.


The top token price this week was HBTC at $61245, up 11.32% for the week and up 28.46% in the last 30 days.

This week,the token price of the blockchain the first is ETH ($3840.96); the fastest rising is MATIC, up 11.11%, with a current amount of $ 1.5.

The top 3 Market Caps for this week's tokens are BTC, ETH, and BNB, accounting for 44.7%, 17.66%, and 3.06% of the market, respectively.

The protocols in the top 20 TVL with the lowest current MC/TVL are INST with an MC/TVL of 0.01 and the protocols are currently undervalued .Currently being the highest is UNI with an MC/TVL of 1.81. Note: MC/TVL is only one of the indicators to measure the protocol, and users also need to evaluate the agreement in the overall circumstances.

The highest priced tokens in the DEX, Lending, and Yield types this week were QUICK, INV, and YFI with the prices of $ 410.68, $780.69, and $35162, respectively.


43718 blocks used this week, down 253 blocks from last week, little change in the number of blocks used .

Total Gas fees used 77327.32 ETH this week, down 5.06% from last week; total burnt 65321.45 ETH, down 7.81% from last week. This week's choice of transaction type 2 (the use of EIP-1559 users ) accounted for 58.84%, up 0.35 percentage points from last week.

Weekly Highlights

Oct. 10

● Russian district court rules that 17 cryptocurrency exchange websites have illegal information, and the websites may face closure

● Metaverse project Treeverse closes seed round at $25 million valuation

● Ethereum L2 network has a TVL of $3.2 billion

Oct. 11

● TVL on Fantom surpasses $5 billion

● Algorithmic fixed-rate lending protocol Dank passes Certik security audit, to go live on Arbitrum

● Blockchain Analytics Company Elliptic Closes $60 Million Series C Funding Round

Oct. 12

● Avalanche Protocol's first cross-chain DEX HurricaneSwap mainline goes live

● Polygon launches 'Swap For Gas' to convert ETH, DAI or USDT to MATIC tokens for zero gas fees

● French Crypto Brokerage SheeldMarket Closes $10 Million Series A Funding Round Led by Atomico

● Crypto lending platform Celsius closes $400 million in funding led by WestCap and CDPQ

● Futureswap, a decentralized futures trading platform, raised $12 million in Series A funding to expand its team and grow its platform

Oct. 13

● U.S. Bitcoin Hashing Power Exceeds 35% of All Network,, Ranks #1 in the World

● Republic Launches $60 Million Crypto Seed Fund

● Bitcoin Mining Company Stronghold Digital Plans to Raise $94M to $106M in IPO

Oct. 14

● Total Value of ETH Destroyed by Ether Tops $2 Billion

● Passive Income Protocol Indexed Finance's DEFI5andCC10 Pools Attacked, Losses Reach $16 Million

● SushiSwap Completes Deployment on Celo and Partners to Launch $12.6M Liquidity Mining Bonus

● TradingView Closes $298 Million Funding Round at $3 Billion Valuation

Oct. 15

● BTC breaks $60,000 again

● CFTC demands $42.5 million in fines from Tether and Bitfinex

● Investing app Plum raises $14 million in Series A funding, plans crypto product launch in 2022

Oct. 16

● FinCEN report: More than $590 million in extortion attacks in first half of 2021, more than in all of 2020

● VC firm Tribe Capital plans to launch a $75 million crypto fund

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