4-Footprint Weekly Report: Blockchain Fantom Surges, AnySwap Contributes Over 40% to Become the Larg

Oct, 2021, simon@footprint.network

Overview of the week


October 9, 2021:

This week, Footprint Analytics data indicated that the TVL for DeFi blockchain projects is up 8.2% compared to last week, with a total TVL of $214.6 billion.

In first place is still Ethereum. While its TVL, currently at $142.3 billion, continues to rise, its total share of among all projects has been decreasing and now sits at 66.29%. This trend is due to emerging blockchains with cheaper transaction fees and smoother experience now garnering users’ attention.

With ecosystem incentive plans of hundreds of millions of dollars, each is trying to seize the market aggressively.

Among the blockchains, the fastest riser this week was Fantom, by 293.7%. Its TVL is now just $590 million away from Terra, the fourth-ranked blockchain. As of press time, Fantom has surpassed Terra and Solana to become the third largest blockchain behind Ethereum and BSC.

Fantom's surge comes mainly from the rapid climb of AnySwap and Geist since Oct. 7, with AnySwap's growth benefiting from increasing demand for cross-chain bridges. Geist, an Aave-based lending protocol, surpassed $10 billion in less than three days since its launch.

At the same time, Yearn also announced that it will go multichain with the launch of Iron Bank Fantom. Fantom has blown its trumpet in the blockchain battle with the Dex protocol AnySwap and the lending protocol Geist.

DEXs have continued to dominate this week, with overall TVL increasing by 3.14%. The top market ranking among the protocols remains Curve, up 7.33% from last week.


BTC continued to rise this week by 14% in 7 days and 18% in 30 days, with prices remaining generally stable. It crossed $55,037.

On the blockchain token side, Fantom's token, FTM, was affected by TVL's surge this week, and the token price rose 45%. Luna, the token of Terra, ranks third in terms of rate of increase this week, up 11%. Although affected by South Korea's release of a policy to shut down some cryptocurrency exchanges, it appears this week that the release of this policy has had a limited impact, and Terra continues to grow steadily with its unique pattern.

In terms of token market cap, BTC is in first place, with a market cap of $103.72 billion. It is followed by Ethereum's token ETH ($442.4 billion) and Cardano's token Ada ($72.7 billion), respectively.

The number one stablecoin is still the centralized stablecoin USDT, with a market cap of $69.3 billion. In the decentralized world, centralized stablecoin USDT still occupies close to 3% of the market. The security of centralized institutions that rely on institutional endorsement is still worthy of gradual improvement in the centralized world.

In terms of tokens by category, this week's top token price in the DEX category is Quick ($424.65), in the lending category is COMP ($331.075), and in the yield category is Yfi ($34,076).


Total Gas fees used 81445.99 ETH this week, up 16.14% from last week; total burnt was 70851.69 ETH, up 34.17% from last week. This week's choice of transaction type 2 (the use of EIP-1559 users) accounted for 58.5%, down 0.63% from last week. Select EIP-1559 has been rising slowly for the last 6 weeks, with none exceeding 60%. Users also seem to be gradually realizing that choosing EIP-1559 does not reduce more fees, and the percentage of users who choose it has slowed down significantly recently.

Weekly Highlights

1.Oct. 3

Ethereum L2 TVL reaches $2.75 billion

Solana Eco NFT SMB #1355 sold for approximately $2.1 million, a record sale price for this eco NFT

OpenSea's day's trading volume reaches $138 million, a new post-September high

2.Oct. 4

Bitcoin sidechain Liquid Network plans to launch DynaFed permanent divergence upgrade

Public mining company HIVE Blockchain reports total mining revenue of $37.2 million for Q1 FY2022, up 466%

3.Oct. 5

Aave, the decentralized lending protocol, has been deployed to Avalanche

Total number of OpenSea traders exceeds 500,000

Bitcoin sidechain Liquid Network experiences block signing issues after upgrade, no blocks out for over 7 hours

MakerDAO founder proposes new token economy system, Sagittarius Engine, to make DAI an environmentally friendly currency

Circle, the issuer of USDC, is under investigation by the SEC and has requested some project information

4.Oct. 6

Bitcoin tops 55,000 USDT, new high after May plunge

Ethereum PoS infrastructure service Rocket Pool goes live on the main network

DeFi insurance protocol InsurAce deployed to Avalanche, opens mining and insurance business

Curve launches Avalanche and turns on liquidity mining rewards

Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis closes $152 million Series B funding round

5.Oct. 7

The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) announced the creation of the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team (“NCET”) to investigate and prosecute criminal misuses of cryptocurrency

Astar Network and Shiden Network announce the launch of a $30 million eco-fund

Cross-border payments company MoneyGram partners with Stellar to settle transactions using USDC

6.Oct. 8

ETF issuer Volt Equity's crypto sector ETF has been approved by the SEC and will be listed on the NYSE under the new ETF symbol BTCR

Bitcoin market cap rises to 6th place in global market cap assets, surpassing Facebook

Yearn Finance begins multi-blockchain deployment, valut already supports some assets on Fantom

Crypto exchange Bakkt partners with Google, Bakkt Visa debit card supports Google Pay

7.Oct. 9

Cross-chain protocol Synapse Protocol goes live on Fantom

Polygon increases the Gas Price from the default of 1 Gwei to 30 Gwei

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